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At GLWMax Communication & Consulting, our foremost mission is to create a world where everyone has the right to understand and communicate.


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At GLWMax Communication & Consulting, our mission is to create a world where everyone has the right to understand and communicate. We provide innovative technology to bridge the communication gap for the deaf community, ensuring equal opportunities and respect for all. Through consulting, training in leadership, teambuilding, and emotional intelligence, we strive to foster strong and effective communication, believing that good communication and collaboration can change the world!

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Couples Tiina and Andy
Couples Tiina and Andy

Pioneering IT Solutions and Accessibility with Passion and Expertise

Andy Van Hoorebeke, the founder of GLWMax, established the company in 2017 as an IT and communication consulting firm specializing in IT security, network services, and IT accessibility, including AI Sign Language and avatars. In 2019, GLWMax expanded its services to include communication consulting.

Andy is known for his relentless pursuit of solutions to even the most challenging IT problems. With 25 years of experience in the IT industry, his expertise is broad and versatile. Andy and his team at GLWMax manage IT networks, security, and daily operations, while also being deeply familiar with AI technology, particularly in the context of Sign Languages and accessibility.

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Leading Communication and Emotional Intelligence Consulting

Tiina Van Hoorebeke joined GLWMax in 2019, becoming a key consultant for organizations and companies. Specializing in communication and emotional intelligence, she provides essential support to teams and managers. With 20 years of experience, Tiina is known for her positive attitude, goal-oriented approach, and clear communication. Her coaching helps individuals and teams achieve profound insights and believe in change.

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The future is what we make it.

Imagine a world where Sign Languages is understood, made possible by the accessibility of a 3D avatar and AI translation. Our innovative technology turns this vision into reality, pushing the boundaries of communication accessibility and inclusivity like never before.

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GLWMax offers a range of IT and Communication packages, including ready-made and customized solutions to meet your needs. Our services are available in multiple languages, so feel free to ask about any service that interests you. Explore our offerings and discover how we can support your IT and communication needs. For more information, please contact us!


ICON Developer

Web Development

Improving website accessibility and user experiences through innovative design and development.



ICON Cloud

Cloud Computing

Providing scalable and flexible online services to enhance resource management, collaboration, and innovation.




Data Analytics

Empowering Consultants with AI-Driven Data Analytics and Sign Language Accessibility




AI for Deaf Accessibility

Select AI technologies and design visual interfaces to enhance communication for the deaf, ensuring clear and inclusive experiences.




Emotional Intelligence and Skills

Improve your emotional intelligence (EI) at work with practical tips and insights, and foster emotional skills in children through tailored coaching and activities for families and organizations.



ICON Network

Leadership and Teambuilding

Explore different perspectives on management and team building to build a strong team and achieve your goals effectively.


The benefits to partnering with us.

We do everything

We provide comprehensive services utilizing AI and avatar technology, with a strong emphasis on accessibility for the deaf community. Our expertise in sign language ensures inclusivity and high-quality solutions, making communication seamless and effective.

Investment that pays for itself

Our solutions are an investment that pays for itself, delivering high returns, efficiency, and scalability. We maximize resource use and focus on sustainable growth to ensure you get the most value with minimal costs.

Maximizing your investment

Maximize your return on investment with our cost-efficient, scalable solutions. We enhance productivity through streamlined operations and focus on long-term, profitable growth.

Data insight

Gain actionable insights and improve performance with our data analysis and predictive analytics. Our solutions are accessible for the deaf community, including sign language support, ensuring accurate, data-driven decisions.


We integrate cost-effective infrastructures and disseminate synergistic e-commerce and e-markets, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

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